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River Sensor Data

Water level and rainfall data for various sensors located around Bristol "station_name" is a description of the station "geo_location" is a latitude and longitude "event_time" is the time and date the measurement occurred (most sensors report every 15 minutes but rainfall only reports when it is raining) "parameter_name" refers to the type of sensor eg Rainfall, Water Lev is water level, Upstream and Downstrea refer to the level either side of a trash screen, DIFF refers to the differences between upstream and downstream "measurement" is the sensor output "measurement_unit" is the unit used by the sensor eg mm is millimetres, m is Metres, MAOD is metres above Ordnance Datum (which refers to sea level at Newlyn in Cornwall), maSD is the river level above the local site datum cumul_rain is the cumulative rainfall in mm on a particular day (only for data from 1 June 2016). It only increases on days when it is raining More information on site locations and other flood risk map layers can be found at http://maps.bristol.gov.uk/bfrm

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