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Air Quality Data Continuous

Historic and live continuous air quality data from Bristol City Council and Defra.

  • NOx data are from chemiluminescent NOx analysers (API T200).
  • Colston Avenue PM10 data are from a BAM 1020 instrument and are corrected to gravimetric.
  • PM2.5 at Parson Street School is from a heated inlet BAM and given as equivalent to gravimetric
  • PM10 and PM2.5 data from the Bristol St. Pauls site are from a TEOM instrument.
  • PM10 data from Temple Way are from a BAM instrument.
  • Hourly observations are shown.
  • BCC data older than the current month have been ratified and corrected in accordance with UK air quality guidance LAQM TG.16.
  • For the ratifaction of Defra data, please refer to the UK-AIR website.
  • Data from the Defra sites are reproduced under © Crown 2019 copyright Defra via, licenced under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

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